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Clearing Up DEMF, Movement and FEMT

WAYN Radio/ Jessica Pierce

Detroit is amping up the music scene and bringing DEMF along for the ride.  A press conference held Wednesday morning at Ford Field announced the return of the festival in 2014.

Creator of the original Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), Carol Marvin is making a comeback to host a whole new two-festival concept Fourth of July weekend 2014.  DEMF will return as a free festival over the three day weekend.  It will be an outdoor event at six locations around Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit.  The same weekend will also host a brand new festival, also coordinated by Marvin, as part of the two-fest event.  The new festival is called FEMT (Federation of Electronic Music Technology) and will be indoors at Ford Field.  Tickets for FEMT are said to be $300 (3-day pass) and $1,500 for VIP.  FEMT is planned to feature Detroit artists.  The artistic director for this event is none other than Juan Atkins, widely known as the godfather of techno.

FEMT will feature a great selection of artists including Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins as Model 500 and more.  FEMT will also host the first ever live performance and return of the techno group Cybotron, consisting of Juan Atkins and Rick Davis.

Now let’s straighten out any confusion:  Movement, DEMF and FEMT are three separate festivals taking place in 2014.  Movement will take place on Memorial Day weekend.  DEMF is the free, outdoor festival in and around Campus Martius Fourth of July weekend and FEMT is the indoor festival also happening Fourth of July weekend.

After Marvin left DEMF in 2002, it was re-named Movement and soon taken over by Paxahau in 2006.  Paxahau kept the name Movement, although many Detroiters still refer to the festival as DEMF.   “A city like Detroit should arguably have ten electronic music festivals, and this will be one of them,” said Martin.  So it is clear that Marvin, Atkins and music and production director Adriel Thornton are all very excited to begin a new festival experience in and for Detroit.


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